DISCLAIMER: This Web Site contains TRUTH, HONESTY & HUMOR and... "it's told like it is."  Our apologies for not sugar-coating how easy the wonderful world of Drywall is.      Thank You..

    ANY seasoned Home Builder, Contractor, Handyperson, or long time homeowner will all agree on one thing: "NEVER do your own Drywall."

    Whether you hire me or choose another drywall contractor, do not attempt this trade yourself for it definitely is a skill to hang it and an art to finish it.

    More often than not, people try to save money by attempting Drywall and end up spending double and sometimes triple what it would have originally cost for us to come in and do the job from the start.  100% of the time (not even 99.9).....100% of the time it is hung wrong and either needs to be all taken down or they need to call 411 in Washington state to get the phone number for a gentleman by the name of William Gates to see if they can borrow some money. People that have hung drywall in the past have paid for my Grandchildren's Grandchildren's college education fund.

     If this hasn't scared you off, and you won the powerball lottery last all means, go for it! Just remember this......TV Home Repair Shows  WILL NEVER and CAN NOT show you how to finish Drywall. Then again, they do ENTIRE drywall projects in ONE commercial.....So, just HOW hard can it be?

   DID YOU KNOW.....The SECOND Scariest phone call I can get is:  "My husband hung the drywall himself, started taping it and now doesn't have time to finish it." This is French for: "My husband had NO business attempting something he had NO clue about. It's a freaking disaster and he's SO ashamed of what he did, he made ME call you. Money is no object, please come help us!"      The ALL TIME Scariest phone call I can get is: "I have been a Contractor for 105 years now, and I hung it all myself. I know what I'm doing. I really know what I'm doing. No, Really!" THIS is French for: "I've called every other drywaller in the northern hemisphere and no one in their right mind will touch my train wreck. One guy gave me a quote of $8.6 million and another guy said there was nothing wrong with my tragedy that 5 gallons of gasoline, a match and a backhoe couldn't fix. It should only take you 32 years to fix it".   

    OK....well, here's where I either lose your business totally or impress and amaze you beyond belief because my process is virtually unheard of and very untraditional. Ready?..........I Hang AND Corner Bead AND Tape AND Three Coat AND Texture your project ALL IN ONE DAY....DONE......START TO FINISH. Pretty wild, huh? Of course, I need to wait a day or two for the drying process before I can come back and sand it, and in most cases, I use a power vacuum system that sands and vacuums most of the dust at the same time.

    Although we will do new construction and remodeling projects (Builders and Contractors need to pay 100% up frontBEFORE we start), we specialize in fixing what homewreckers, hacks, handymen and other drywall companies have attempted to do after getting hammers for Christmas and becoming  experts. We will be more than happy to supply you a list of commercial stores and buildings we had to re-do after their drywallers tried the SKILL of hanging and the ART of finishing drywall. 

    The links below will guide you through pricing, a contract, and what is expected from you, our customer during the process. Thank you for visiting my web site today and for considering me to do your project. As always, MY name and 32 year reputation is on the line, and MY home phone number is in the book and that should be very important to you making your decision versus a company with a made-up name doing business on cell phones.....try to find THEM again after your check has cleared!

    Thank you for visiting today, and enjoy the show!

Phil Sansone
(Wall) Board Certified Joint Compound Engineer
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