Welcome to Pricing. "The Bible" that other Drywallers, Builders and Contractors use to price most of the Drywall work being done in Western New York. We're not afraid to publish our prices and more often then not, we will encourage people to go with another firm. WHY? Because our BIG money is from those who have hired other people, only to either have us fix what they have attempted or to remove it all and start fresh. Saving $50 may very well end up costing you $1000. We carry written testimonials with us from people who paid twice. Don't learn the hard way. NEVER buy drywall by Price.


          Prices are in effect January 1, 2006 and will remain in effect until further notice. All pricing is based on board HANDLED not what is installed. In other words, a room measuring 10' 2" would require 12' long sheets.....we would be paid for 12'. This is an entire industry wide standard, not something we made up. Pricing is also based on a ceiling height of 8'. Work performed where the ceiling height exceeds 8' are priced on a case by case basis. EXTRAS, listed on our online contract are well......extra.

Price per square foot of 1/2" Regular Drywall (We do not and will not use 1/4" or 3/8" board unless you sign off on it.)

    Ceiling ONLY, NOT taped to walls.................................. $3.00*

    Ceiling taped to walls.......................................................$3.50*

    Walls only, taped to an existing ceiling.............................$2.50*

    Walls only (eg. a basement installation)...........................$2.50*

    Typical/Normal Room (Rough Estimate, Everything).........$3.00*

     *Kitchen, Bath and Basement projects are based on complexity.

     Any archway, skylight, "boxed" item in a basement such as a pipe, or window wrapped in corner bead...........$50 MINIMUM

    Corner Bead: A few sticks in normal installation is free.......INVENTIONS unknown to modern man, made-up carpentry, long HVAC trunk lines in basements or something you thought of last night at 3 AM when you couldn't sleep that no one has ever heard of is $3.00 per LINEAR FOOT.

    Price per square foot of 1/2" Moisture Resistant Drywall ("Greenboard") Finished, or 5/8" board JUST TAPED, NOT FINISHED (typically in a garage).........adds 25 cents per square foot, minimum.

    We will not put Green Board on a typically studded ceiling. Upon receiving a signed contract, we will tell you why. Other drywallers will do it. We will not.

    Removal of Construction Debris: 10% of total Job (See Drywall contract).

    Watching is free. Helping is twice the original quote. Charging admission to your friends and neighbors to watch the show (and it IS a show) is permitted.

Wreck-It-Yourself Pricing

   Probably because I can't sit down at your desk first thing Monday morning and be an accountant for a mega-corporation, um.....maybe you shouldn't try my profession either, huh? However, if you really dislike your home and have already attempted destroying it, we have pricing for you as well......or we can just have our lawyers finish what you've started by having me buy your house for half of it's worth to save you real estate selling fees. Your cousin (the retired plumber) and the guy across the street (you know, the landscaper?) who helped you attempt drywalling told me they would also chip in $20-30K to help you out.

     THAT SAID: Finishing prices START at 90 cents per square foot, depending HOW it is hung, How many cases of screws your neighbor put in each board (after going on the internet and becoming an expert), if the board was glued or not (GLUE? We didn't use glue, but we DID use duct tape), and finally, How many butt joint you throw at me. Drywall has 2 ends, a beveled end and a square end. Where the square end meets another drywall surface (beveled or square) it's called a butt joint.

    See how simple? Even a Cave.....oooops, I can't say that, that slogan is already taken.


People who accidentally forgot to pay their bills:

     Due to an over abundance of lawsuits, bankruptcies and the STACK of useless, unpaid judgments piled HIGH on my desk from builders and contractors in my earlier career "learning" years:

 Builders and Contractors are required to pay 100% IN FULL, UPFRONT before we start, NO exceptions!

VERBAL estimates are free. WRITTEN estimates and/or a VISIT to your house is $50.

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