Here's a few very important things to remember before I start:

    1) Your home life will be tipped upside down for a short period of time. It becomes a construction site, and as it does, you need to remember one thing: "It has to be ugly before it can be pretty".

    2) You have hired me to do your drywall. If you want me to clean your house, move your furniture, walk your dog or wash your car, I do that too, however, that becomes a separate contract that has absolutely nothing to do with the drywall industry. Your project will be left in "BROOM CLEAN" Condition at the end. Air borne dust can not be cleaned and/or removed immediately after sanding.

    3) If you are going to be (and play) general contractor, then PLAY GENERAL CONTRACTOR. Provide me with a place (or containers) to place the scrap board, and hang plastic before I get there where it needs to be hung to protect your home from dust. Removal of scrap Drywall is 10% of the original price quoted.

    4) If you are going to be (and play) Painter, then PLAY PAINTER. Be prepared to touch-up nicks, scratches and imperfections JUST LIKE A REAL PAINTER would!

    5) Please have the driveway clear of cars and walkway shoveled (ugh, snow). I have SO much construction tools, equipment and ladders and such I need to bring in, it WILL look like I am moving in.

    6) Please keep Johnny, Suzie AND Fluffy away from the site at all times. Construction is an extremely dangerous occupation and my tools need to be kept razor sharp at all times.

    7) Turn the heat DOWN (65-ish) while I hang the drywall, UP (70-ish) while I mud and OFF TOTALLY while I sand, so that the dust is not spread throughout your house.

    8) Covering your floors. I will not, and I refuse to, be on stilts while you have a tarp or plastic on your carpet. It is: a) unlawful to do, b) very dangerous to do , and c) you should have already scheduled either a new carpet (pulling up the old before I get there) OR have scheduled the carpet cleaners to come right after I am or the other, please. On stilts, it's not a long way up....but it's an AWFUL long way down!

    9) The "flats" (seams) and the "corner bead" (outside corners) will dry relatively quickly. The INSIDE corners however, will be a problem. Keep changing locations of a fan to different inside corners the night the mudding is done, switching corners roughly every 15 minutes.

    10) If I am doing your garage, I need it TOTALLY clean, swept and emptied. Spiders, cob webs, giraffes, 747's or anything else in the way will be entombed instead of being cleared away. PLEASE sweep everything off the walls and ceilings.

    11) No other tradesperson or work will be allowed on premise while I work. Furthermore, if I know how to do the other trade's jobs correctly, I expect THEM to know how to do their job correctly. Additional cost will occur as an "add-on" in the event I have to repair, finish, remove, add to, disconnect or connect something they have failed to do.

    12) Electrical devices (switches, plugs, cable and phone) are installed LAST. AFTER the new carpet. AFTER it's painted. LAST. Don't let ANYONE tell you: "This is the way it's always done."

    Following the terms and conditions on this web site and on the drywall contract will be most helpful and appreciated to insure all goes well. Thank you for taking the time to read everything, and as always, I am a phone call away if you have any questions.
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