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I repair...

     Any type of Drywall AND PLASTER Ceiling & Wall work such as.... Plumbers repairing your upstairs tub trap that was clogged full from your kids giving Whiskers a bath, Electricians who needed to run that wire RIGHT THERE, Angry Teenagers (because 'Mom, YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!'), Lost and hungry Insects (sometimes their GPS breaks), Your husbands 'foot through the ceiling' trick (after you TOLD HIM not to go up there!), water damage from the roof your brother in law fixed that 'will never leak again'....AGAIN!


Let's Cut to the Chase...

     Pricing, which is dependant on the complexity of the job, begins at a $150 Trip Charge (which includes up to 2 hours of service time) and $60 per hour thereafter, plus materials. Most repairs can be done in a few hours or less. There is no extra charge for weekend appointments to perform my artwork.


The important fine print that we didn't put in fine print...

    Areas beyond a 25 mile radius from our home base (the Webster area) will incur additional charges for mileage (sorry, the Arabs have to eat too, you know).

     To keep my prices low, I do not perform estimates. If possible, E mail me pictures of your project to the link below entitled 'contact me'. My 'warehouse on wheels' can handle anything thrown at me that is either drywall or plaster related.

     Sanding the finished artwork is NOT included in the prices shown. Sanding will be VERY minimal, VERY easy, and should be planned on by the person doing the painting. I will come back to sand if you insist, but I feel that a second $150 Trip Charge is a little excessive for 5 minutes work and I hope you do too!

    All terms and conditions of the parent company Phil Sansone Drywall, will apply and can be found at the 'Online Contract' link below. Textured ceiling matches (which are nearly impossible) are NOT guaranteed. I'll be CLOSE all day long, but again, matching is impossible.

Thank you for visiting with me today!

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